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Workshop on Extremism and Tolerance
15 November 2007

A group of intellectuals, academicians, former politicians, religious leaders and cultural activists from Norway, Iran and selected other countries gathered in Tehran to discuss:

1-    The root causes of extremism,
2-    How can we promote tolerance where extremism pounds?
3-    What does inflame extremism today?

As a follow up to the Conference on Religion, Democracy and Extremism which was held in Oslo on 15 and 16 of May 2007, the Workshop on Extremism and Tolerance was the first of the three which are organized in Tehran, Geneva and Oslo by the “Foundation for Dialogue among Civilisations” and “the Oslo Centre for Peace and Human Rights”.

The workshop aimed at raising awareness in the West on humiliating practices towards the Islamic world, and in the Islamic world of incitements against the west in an effort to deny letting the extremists define the relationship between the West and the Islamic World. It also aimed at devising more productive and constructive ways of dealing with extremism and terrorism.

Discussion topics:

·        Is extremism on the rise?

·        Is it political discontent or religious values and practices that inflame extremism?

·        What are the root causes of extremism? War, colonialism, exclusion?

·        Fertilizing factors for extremism in the west and the Muslim world? Inequality, despotism, stereotyping, poverty, sense of insecurity, disappointment from peaceful means, humiliation.

·        Impacts and consequences of globalization on the intensification of extremist tendencies and on ethnic, cultural and religious trends.

·        Globalization and tolerance. Any help?

·        Does ideology intrinsically contain/include extremism?

·        The role of ideology and religion

·        Solutions? Development, democratic processes, religious enlightenment, political engagement, respect for others’ identity and integrity, media leadership, poverty reduction and countering inequality.
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