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With prefaces by Vladimir Yakunin, Jiahong Chen, and Adrian Pabst

With prefaces by Vladimir Yakunin, Jiahong Chen, and Adrian Pabst

The World Public Forum ‘Dialogue of Civilizations’, an international non-governmental and nonprofit organisation, which has been active since 2002 from which it has brought into practice the idea of a ‘dialogue of civilisations’, first expressed by Iranian President Mohammad Khatami at the UN in 1998. The World Public Forum began to act as a largescale intellectual forum aiming to prevent the worst possible scenario – the degradation of humanity and the clash of civilisations in the form of a new world war.
The following is the lates analogical pubication of the World forum which consists of texts that represent the development of the Dialogue of Civilizations initiative, from its origins founded in the work of the World Public Forum to the establishment of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute. This volume features texts of World Public Forum founders and contributions of authors who have formed the dialogue of civilisations expert community. This collection reflects the basic concepts and ideas of dialogue of civilisations in their original form, as they were presented and discussed at various gatherings of the Rhodes Forum.

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